This website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. A website for a new Crypto-Currency that gives back to humanity

NOSTRAM SALUTEM RESTITUIS = REPAIR OUR HEALTH. This phrase was selected to indicate that we need to “Repair” our entire planet.

This website is a temporary platform for getting the words IRTHKOIN, IRTHFUND and IRTHKARE out world-wide. The REAL website that our team is working on right now will be more than just a website filled with the typical PR stuff. It will be a business platform for trading IRTHKOIN, with pull-down menus and sections/pages for the various charitable organizations to “Apply” to IRTHKARE, for the vetting function and selection, with all the various “Smart Transaction” functions including the selection of charitable organizations that a buyer/seller of goods & services can select from, or the “Auto Give” button where the selection of an “IRTHKARE” vetted charity is done by an algorithm that randomly selects a vetted cause or need,, and the same thing for just the trading of IRTHKOIN itself

Another option that our website and Crypto business model will offer is that when a buyer/seller of, let’s say, a new automobile, completes the transaction, they can pick and choose/direct that small percentage to needs at their local community level, i.e., the seller may choose to direct the “Giving” percentage to a local roofer to pay for the cost of putting a new roof on the local Rest Home where his mother lives.

The buyer may elect to give HIS contribution to some organization planting trees in the Amazon, or some other charity……Like funding whatever it takes to stop the children from dying of starvation in Yemen, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Wither a person is paying for an Ice Cream Cone or buying a yacht, the IRTHKOIN Smart Contract will move a small percentage to IRTHFUND for distribution to the IRTHCARE charity of choice from the options available.

The IRTHKOIN website will be fully functioning at the release of IRTHKOIN for trading, however we anticipate that it will take additional years in an on-going effort of adding “Sellers” of “Goods & Services” as members/affiliates, continually growing.

Not just goods and services will be purchased using this IRTHKOIN idea, our essential guberment services will ALSO be funded in this manner. There is going to come a time when there will no longer be a need for the world’s collective military/industrial complex, a true “Turning Swords into Plowshares”, (I purposely do not capitalize certain words out of pure abhorrence and disgust). Or, would it be because there’s only 987,459 people left on this planet due to all those crazy fucks that lead us into Nuclear Annilation?

As such, the essential guberment services will be nothing compared to what it is today. This means that individual taxes will be a fraction of what they are today, and corporate taxes ALSO will be very low. Why? Because by eliminating defense spending and a ton of other crap, the cost of governance (and the size of it) will be minimal.

We also see this IRTHKOIN “Giving” model being adapted by all the major crypto currencies like Bitcoin, etcetera…….AND…..Wait for it…..Those other currencies will have a teeny-tiny percentage included in THEIR “Smart Contracts” to pay IRTHKOIN the LICENSE FEE for using the algorithms/programs/IDEA,

Charity increases our perception of “Value”. If a person has a charitable, giving heart, their own self-worth is increased in personal perceptions of “Value”. Likewise, people will be attracted to the “Giving/Charitable” nature of IRTHKOIN, especially those folks with a “Charitable/Giving” nature. That “Self-Worth” for a selfless person is a boost for our healthy egos, but for a selfish person, “Giving” only feeds their selfish egos. The “Selfish, egotistical people will be attracted to the “Charity” function of IRTHKOIN as well, simply because their “Ego” demands it.